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What are home watch services?

Home watch is a specialized service designed to keep a vigilant eye on your property when you're not there. It involves regular checks, both interior and exterior, to ensure that your home remains secure, well-maintained, and free from potential issues. The importance of home watch cannot be overstated, especially for those who own seasonal properties, travel frequently, or have homes left unoccupied for extended periods. Beyond the prevention of theft and vandalism, home watch plays a crucial role in early detection of potential problems such as water leaks, pest infestations, or structural issues. By entrusting your home to a professional home watch service, you gain peace of mind, knowing that your property is in expert hands, and that any emerging issues will be identified and addressed promptly, minimizing the risk of extensive damage and ensuring a smooth return to a well-cared-for home.  

Our Process

Home watch is defined as a visual check of a home, cabin or property looking for obvious issues.  

We do regular, thorough checks of your property - both interior and exterior.  Using industry specific software, we check off the condition of each item on our list, providing pictures as necessary.  Upon leaving the property the digital report is sent to your inbox. If we encounter any small issues, we will correct them.  If we encounter any larger issues, we will "stop the bleeding" and alert you immediately, then work with you and local contractors to solve the problem while you are away. 

During our initial consultation, we will do a comprehensive walk through of both the exterior and interior of your home. Together we will determine a personalized Home Watch plan based on the unique needs of your property and the duration of your absence. 


A typical Home Watch visit usually includes a visual inspection of the exterior of the home looking for any signs of property damage caused by Mother Nature or others.  Inside we visually inspect the walls, ceilings and windows for damage, water leaks, mold or signs of pest infestations. Water will be turned on and off again, checking for any water leaks and re-filling traps in sinks and toilet tanks. We will also verify that the furnace, refrigerator and freezer are working properly.   

We supply peace of mind to our home and cabin owners.  Their properties are in good hands. 

Contractor key-ins and service appointment management

Our vendor management services help our homeowners get work done on their home while they are away. We will be your project advocate and can provide service coordination, oversight and vendor access. 


Regular, thorough checks of the interior and exterior of your home, cabin or condo.

Using industry specific software we provide our clients with digital reports, complete with photos, upon leaving the property.  We catch small issues before they become large issues and manage any others that pop up.

Plant Care

We know your plants are an important part of your home and won't survive the neglect of long vacations or travel. We will follow your instructions to care for houseplants and landscaping, as needed. 

plants 2_edited.jpg

Grocery Shopping and other errands

You may be pressed for time to get all of your errands done before you leave or you may desire to have your refrigerator restocked ahead of your return.  Our services include shopping, pickups and meeting deliveries and more!


Peace of mind while you are away.
Find your home watch service provider today.

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