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Home Watch

Minnesota Home Watch Collaborative​

In the heart of the Twin Cities extended metro, a powerful collaboration is thriving— four women-owned home watch businesses joining forces to redefine property  care. With a shared commitment to excellence, the collaborative partners are setting a new standard in safeguarding homes. As women entrepreneurs, they bring a unique perspective to the industry, emphasizing meticulous attention to detail, personalized care, and a deep understanding of the diverse needs of homeowners  in the area. This collaborative venture not only symbolizes empowerment but also delivers a comprehensive suite of services, from regular home watch checks to concierge services, catering to the specific requirements of each client. Together, these businesses are shaping the future of home watch in the Twin Cities, ensuring that every property receives the dedicated care it deserves.

Snowy Owl Home Watch, Snowbird Home Watch, Sure Look Home Watch, Northern Nest Services

Small, local, woman-owned businesses

Top level home watch and concierge services

home watch it.

Accredited, background checked, insured & bonded

National Home Watch Association

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